Biurowiec Bobrowiecka 8


We present you with pride next realization of BARWA SYSTEM Sp. z o. o. office building Bobrowiecka 8 in Warsaw.


Sufit rastrowy MICRO CELL 20x150mm H26


Biurowiec Bobrowiecka 8, Warszawa


Spectra Development


JEMS Architekci

Produkty BARWA SYSTEM Sp. z o.o.:

Aluminum raster ceiling MICRO CELL 20x150mm H26 in black colour, was created according to individual vision of projecting office JEMS Architekci. Raster ceiling in standard with square cells in dimensions 30x30 mm, 50x50 mm or 75x75 mm was modified to rectangular mesh dimensions 20x150 mm H26. The ceiling gained a very modern, industrial nature waht suits to new trends of commercial interior finishing.

Bobrowiecka complex

Whole complex of built by Spectra Development on Bobrowiecka street 6/8/10 three investments in unique nature and design.Next to built in 2006 first building Bobrowiecka 6 appeared another prestigious Bobrowiecka - modern building in A class which is using innovative techniques responding to varied needs of tenants.

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