Cladding and facades made of composite panels

Cladding and facades made of composite panels

Aluminum composite panels are characterized by durability, higher stiffness and aesthetics at the highest level.  Resistant to weather conditions and mechanical impacts. Composite panels are easy to keep it clean.  Using acoustic inserts and interesting and functional perforations, we can improve the acoustic properties of rooms but also create unique and original designs. Different lighting techniques can bring out the modern character of the openwork facade. Thanks to translucency you can light up the entire wall or selected fragments creating an unusual visual effect. Easy assembly / disassembly of panels and access to the surface behind the panels.

  • EL-K1 – wall covering without any gaps between panels, vertical and horizontall montage, assembling points unvisible
  • EL-K2 – wall covering with gaps between panels, vertical montage assembling points unvisible
  • EL K3 – wall covering without gaps between panels, flat panel, vertical and horizontal montage, assembling poins visible
  • EL-K1

  • EL-K2

  • EL-K3