For designers

Do you deal with interior designing? We will help you to implement the most unfeasible idea. Do you have an idea and you do not know who could do it? Would you like to know our possibilities?

We invite you to cooperation. We guarantee professional technical consultancy, access to CAD drawings database, samples of our products and others. We will also offer a cooperation agreement.


For distributors

Do you run a trade and service company? Do you want to expand the offer of products?

We invite you to cooperation. We guarantee marketing materials, attractive prices, technical support, training.


For fitters

Do you run a renovation and construction company? Would you like to expand the scope of services provided to clients?

Are you interested in assembly for our company? Do you want to be our authorized fitter? We invite you to cooperation. We provide professional training (twice a year), information materials and samples of our products.

Professional services

We deal with professional metal treatment. Would you like us to help with the implementation of a project or serial production?

We have the ability to:

  • punching
  • cutting
  • bending
  • milling
  • welding
  • welding pins (bolts)
  • powder coating
  • expanded metal treatment


We are happy to answer any questions and doubts, we will send necessary materials
- folders, drawings in dwg format, price lists, etc.

For more informations, just contact our sales department:

STAWIGUDA: tel.: +48 89 522 09 10

KATOWICE: tel.: +48 32 290 65 00

Let’s work together.