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Micro Cell is special type of raster ceiling.

Micro Cell is special type of raster ceiling. The grid consist elements in shape of “U” with base 5mm and 26 mm height. This solution allow to create dense mesh. Micro cell is produced in standard dimensions 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60, 75x75, 86x86, 100x100 mm.
Aluminium ceilings Micro Cell are inflammable and non-dripping in case of a fire.  Classified in A1 class.

Because of open nature of Micro Cell all installations such as: sprinklers, signalizations are assembled over the ceiling surface. Raster ceilings are light and easy to install. All advantages makes Micro Cell find grater use in facilities such as:

  • malls, exhibition halls
  • airports, railway stations
  • car showrooms
  • banks, offices