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Variations with type A1 panels.

A characteristic feature of the A1 ceiling is the profiling of the slats at right angles. The standard widths are 30, 80, 130, 180 mm and lengths up to a maximum of 6000 mm. Thanks to the gaps between the slats, the ceiling is ventilated. Type A slats allow us to achieve remarkable effects in interior design. A wide range of colors allows you to combine multiple shades of the same color or completely different in one implementation. It is also possible to use strips of different width at the same time. Type A slats look particularly impressive after the use of perforation, which will not only improve the acoustic qualities of the room but will significantly affect the final visual effect.

Because of the special profiling of the panels at right angles if we use woodensimilar aluminium, we will obtain the appearance wooden board. This is an ideal alternative for public utility buildings where we would like to use wood, and at the same time we must meet strict fire safety regulations. Ceilings in accordance with the Polish PN-N 13865 standard have been classified as non-flammable and non spreading fire.