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Open Line is unusual type of a ceiling.


This technical solution is based on the combination of construction elements on two levels. This allows to obtain a unique, linear effect. The elements are assembled perpendicularly to each other and form two surfaces spaced from each other. Lower, more visible, in form of characteristic lines. (lowered 20 mm). Open Line ceilings are characterized by fast,simple installation and easy access to the surface above.

Meshes from 50x300 mm to 200x300 mm and 50x400 mm to 200x400 mm are available as standard. According to the PN-EN 13964, the ceiling has been classified as non flammable and non fire spreading. Due to the open nature of the ceiling, any fire alarm installations, signaling and sprinkling, can be run above the ceiling surface. Ideal for corridors, passageways, passages, escape routes.