Strip ceilings

Strip ceilings

Aluminium panel ceilings are primarily easy to assemble and in very quick way visually separate high rooms. In our offer you can also find vertical, open slatted panels (LH and PP type)
Panel ceilings are great for standard solutions such as parallel montage, in overtaking layout, assembling in different angles. Panel ceilings give you possibility of connecting in one project panels with different width and highness to achieve extraordinary multidimensional look.
There is also a possibility to use functional perforations rising aesthetic and acoustic values. Panel ceilings allow to assemble lighting and other devices (such as speakers, diffusers ext.) Possibility to use them outdoor is an additional advantage of this type of ceilings (Technical Approval AT - 15 8444/2016). Ceilings made of aluminium reach highest class of reaction to fire A1. All those features make panel ceilings perfect for places such as:

  • Offices
  • Public facility buildings
  • Malls and exhibitions places
  • Railway stations. airports
  • Industrial facility
  • Type A

  • Type B

  • Type A1

  • Type LH

  • PP

  • Type PPU55